Hoodman is one of the first companies to create innovative, useful drone accessories. We are happy to be the first and only firm to give you a choice of 5 pro drone landing pad sizes to fit your specific drone size. Hoodman is the originator of Orange, rugged, weighted perimeter drone landing pads that do not require stakes to keep them in place. We made the first hoods for drone pilots needing to see iPads glare-free outdoors. Also first with magnetic mount hoods and controller sling straps for DJI RC controllers. Hoodman made the first tripod mounts for drone controllers to have a hands-free workstation. We created a drone belt that holds your controller and goes wherever you go. Hoodman made the first rugged orange ground control point kits for aerial mapping. The Sky Ruler is another first scaling constraint to verify scale in aerial mapping. Drone flight zone tape was created to clearly mark your drone flight ground operating zone and keep the public safely out of harm’s way.

Drone Landing Pads

Drone Aviator Hoods

DJI RC Plus Sling Strap Hood Kit

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Drone Flight Zone Tape