Since 1986, Hoodman Corporation has been creating innovative, useful tools to support professional image makers in the field. The driving force in new product development has been engaging customers at over 14 tradeshows a year worldwide for over 33 years. Hoodman Hoods set the broadcast standard for viewing field monitors glare free. Soon, camcorders were in need of small hoods for their LCD screens. In 1996 hoodman received the call from the National Football League to create the Hood for officials to see Instant Replays out on the field. As College football embraces the review of calls on the field, Hoodman delivers again for the 2021 season.

By 2000, Digital cameras made their debut. The inclusion of an LCD screen on every camera gave photographers a chance to review their images in the field. Hoodman designed their patented, glare free Hoodloupe to enable photographers to review images on their camera LCD screens outdoors. Soon after, Hoodman introduced tear drop shaped eyecups to help digital photographers link their eye to the camera to block out all the ambient light from entering their viewfinders.

 By 2006 Digital cameras were in need of really fast memory cards. Hoodman began rivaling the giant corporate memory card makers by producing small, precision card runs with the fastest components available for unequalled reliability and state-of-the art image quality. Always tested to the most precise standards. We knew Excellence would cost a bit more, but we could not compromise our vision. We believe your photography is worth it. The market place was in need of a ruggedized all metal memory card reader… Hoodman provided the first and continues to make ruggedized metal card readers today.

 In 2011 Hoodman went Green and developed an organic lens cleaning kit to put an end to the use of caustic chemicals for lens cleaning. No more leaky bottles of alcohol rolling around in camera bags. Lens Cleanse kits were convenient, single, tear open packets holding a wet towel and a dry towel… Well over a million units have been sold worldwide.

 In 2015, Drone pilots were the first to request Hoodman to make an Aviator line of hoods so they could see their iPads glare free outdoors. Hoodman created its patented, pierceable bottom hood panel which allowed touch screen access and the Aviator hood line was born. 3 months later, Hoodman created the patented self-weighted Landing pads to keep drone cameras and gimbals clean throughout take off and landing. The bright orange pads have become the industry standard for safely marking your take off and landing areas. The pads also provide a visual alert to manned aircraft above that a drone is operating in the airspace.

 By 2017, Hoodman began creating mapping tools to help aerial drone surveyors with Ground Control Point Kits to improve the precision of their surveying efforts. Once again Hoodman has become the industry standard for yet another market place: aerial mapping tools. For over 33 years Hoodman Corporation has thrived on new market creation and development for innovative tools that help professionals and novices perform better in the field. Hoodman continues to create Green products and is the first memory card manufacturer to offer a memory card recycle program. We shall continue to help mankind and the environment by making tools that solve problems and makes life easier and balanced for all.