Hoodman Weighted Drone Landing Pad Line 2 Ft, 3 Ft, 5 Ft and 8 Ft Diameters

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Open any drone UAV magazine and chances are pretty high you will see pictures of an orange Hoodman landing pad in use by commercial drone pilots featured in the articles. Hoodman is the originator of rugged, weighted perimeter drone landing pads that do not require stakes to keep them in place. We are happy to be the only firm to offer a complete line of drone landing pads to suit your specific drone size.

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Any questions, please contact us: support@hoodmansa.com

Vendor Hoodman Corporation
Type Drone Landing Pads
Size 2 Ft Pad - HDLP2, 3 Ft Pad - HDLP3, 5 Ft Pad - HDLP, 8 Ft Pad - HDLP8
Weight:  3.0 lb